Conductive Grid Tapes

Conductive Grid Tapes

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Bertech Conductive Grid Tapes are made of two static dissipating copolymer substrates with a conductive grid buried between them. They provide an anti static non-sparking surface on both the inside and outside that will not shed, crack, chip, or rub off. They are packaged in various widths and in 36 yard-long rolls on a 3" core with an ESD symbol printed on the tape. The maximum available width is 37 inches. These conductive grid tapes are used in packaging products that are static sensitive and require EMI shielding. They ensure reliable protection for any sensitive device that might be damaged by normal insulating tapes. They can be used for grounding as well. They can also withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom sizes are available upon request. 

 EMI and RF shielding, Electronic products packaging, Electronic components shipping and Storing, Grounding

Part Number WCGT series
Color Brown/Black with ESD symbol
Total Thickness 1.9 mil±10%
Adhesive type Acrylic
Elongation 50%
Grid Material Polypropylene
Standards ESD S20.20, MIL-B-81705B
Conductive Grid layer 103 to 104 Ohms/sq.
Co-polymer resistivity <1010 Ohms/sq.
Tensile Strength 160N/mm sq.
Tribo-charging <100 volts (Top and Tacky side)
Static Decay 0.5 Seconds
Maximum Temperature 140°F/(60°C)
UNSPSC Code 31201518